Private sessions are held in your home or in locations that allow for proper training based on the behavior being addressed. Private sessions are personalized based on your individual needs.

For more information on private sessions, please submit the form on the Contact page.

Professional Dog Training


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Family K9 is dedicated to the training of the family dog.  All dogs (full- & mixed-breeds) are welcome and families are encouraged to promote positive training methods in their homes.  Committing to the training of your family pet & companion can save the life of your pet and will encourage community support of pet ownership.  My goal is to assist the pet owner in producing happy, well-mannered canine members of the family and society.



Family K9 continues to practice social distancing and remains closed for both class and private lessons due to COVID-19 to ensure health and safety to all.

Keep practicing your training exercises and take this extra time to give extra pets and hugs.

I look forward to seeing everyone very soon!


Classes are great for socialization and to help your dog learn to focus on you with varying distractions. 

Group classes are held at the Darien Park District .  You are welcome to register via the Darien Park District or the Westmont Park District.  Please go to the Group Classes page to see details.